1 coworking space is cool. 1000 coworking spaces is way cooler ! Mutinerie is member of the Copass network.

Copass enables coworkers to work from any coworking space of the network with one single membership. You’ll be free to work wherever you want and you’ll be part of a community and a global network of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Mutinerie likes it ! For any 6-month commitment on our memberships, we offer you an Explorer Card as well as free days to use anywhere in the world.

In concrete terms, here what you get :

– A full time membership : Explorer card + 8 free days (value : 250€)
– A mid-time membership : Explorer card + 4 free days (value : 150€)
– A quarter time membership : Explorer card + 2 free days (value : 100€)

The Explorer card and the free days are valid for 6 months.

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